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In 2002, Alan Armstrong wrote the Flying Tiger Film Proposal which appears below. At the suggestion of Bill Wages (Second Unit Director of the film: Gods and Generals and Director of the film: The Legend of Poncho Barnes), Alan wrote a manuscript in 2003 entitled: Preemptive Strike--America's Secret Plan to Bomb Japan before the Attack on Pearl Harbor." The purpose of the manuscript was (1) to get it published as a book and (2) to attract interest to Alan's ambitions for a dramatic motion picture based on the exploits of Claire Chennault and the Flying Tigers. In 2005, Alan signed an agreement with Lyons Press to publish his manuscript which will be available in the spring of 2006. In the summer of 2005, Alan completed his first draft of a screenplay entitled: "Preemptive Strike." The first draft of the screenplay is undergoing revisions. However, film producers, actors or persons with a serious interest in this project may contact Alan if they wish to read his screenplay.

Motion Picture Proposal may be viewed HERE.

This project is being supported by the famous motion picture aviator Corkey Fornof

Phillip Bellury of The Storyline Group, Inc. in Atlanta, GA supports this project

Alan is represented by Andrew J. Velcoff, Esq. of Greenberg Traurig, LLP

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