Secret AVG Documents

Below are several secret documents concerning the American Volunteer Group in China in the early 1940's.  Click on the appropriate link to view the Adobe Acrobat .PDF file.

CAMCO Employment Letter - August 8, 1941 - Page 1

Secret Memo to Admiral Nimitz -August 7, 1941 - Page 1 - Page 2

This telegram was sent on July 23, 1941, to the American Embassy in Chungking for delivery to Madame Chiang, and the date of the telegram is the same date President Roosevelt signed Joint Board 355 authorizing the bombing of Japan and Japanese interests.  This document was provided by Richard Dunn, Esq.  View .PDF

This is a letter from President Roosevelt to Lauchlin Currie, Ph.D. who was in charge of economic aid to China. At the time the letter was written, it appears President Roosevelt was still sitting on the fence about providing bombers to China. This changed on July 23, 1941, when the President signed Joint Army Navy Board 355, Serial 691 authorizing the bombing of Japan and Japanese interests. On the same day, Dr. Currie sent a secret telegram to the Ameican Embassy (for Madame Chiang) in Chungking relating China would be receiving 66 bombers, with 24 very soon.  View .PDF

This document includes a center foldout from U.S. News, Oct. 31,1941, called "Bomber Lanes to Japan"  Next are several documents that are very secret. (a) A single page with no addressee or date. This is a memorandum from Commander Bruce Leighton of January 17, 1940. It was so secret there was absolutely no identifying data on it. (b) There is a Report of Interview from Major Rodney A. Boone, USMC dated January 17, 1940, which went to Rear Admiral Walter S. Anderson. (c) There is a short cover letter from Rear Admiral Anderson to Admiral Stark, Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) also dated January 17,1940. View .PDF

This is a letter from President Roosevelt of Sept. 30, 1941, to Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox confirming America was sending 66 bombers to China. Note, this same letter was sent to Secretary of War Henry Stimson.  View .PDF

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