Aviation is extremely complex from both a regulatory and operational perspective and it is constantly changing. Interpretations of the regulations change as do the regulations themselves. Alan Armstrong follows changes in the aviation regulations and writes about them in Flightwatch, a blog/newsletter. He also provides commentary and analysis in the wake of aviation accidents and incidents. 

If a Pilot Refuses or Fails a DoT Drug Test, is it in His Best Interest to Pretend to have a Drug Problem?

DOT drug testing is an unmitigated disaster.  The failures and abuses of DOT drug testing are being imposed on airmen who, if they cannot provide a sufficient quantity of urine, must confess to having a drug problem, even if they do not, if they want to fly.  Even...

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Alan Armstrong Presents “Preemptive Strike – The Secret That Would Have Prevented the Attack on Pearl Harbor” Before the USAF Pilots

On September 19, 2019, a group of retired Air Force pilots received a presentation from Alan Armstrong on his book, Preemptive Strike – The Secret Plan That Would Have Prevented the Attack on Pearl Harbor. The pilots were from the United States Air Force Class 55U and...

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Wind Farms and Public Use Airports – Why the FAA Fails to Ensure Air Safety

The explosion of wind turbine developments across the United States does not bode well for the continued viability of many public use airports. Overview of the Problem Increasingly, wind farms with wind turbine generators (WTGs) nearly 500 feet above ground level...

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