There are many threats to aviation, and one of the growing and insidious threats is the erection of wind farms near airports.  The companies promoting wind farms are extremely aggressive by insisting these wind farms be erected near airports.  Among other things, the FAA Obstacle Evaluation Group is very accommodating to wind farm developers, even to the point of not seeking public comment from airport operators and concerned citizens.   The FAA also blatantly ignores its own Handbook which outlines how the FAA should evaluate the threat to air safety and arrive at either a Determination of No Hazard (DNH) or a Determination of Hazard (DOH).  Follow my blog page on this extremely important issue as I explain, inform and advise airports and the communities near airports about the existential threat wind farms present to airports and the surrounding communities.

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Wind Farms and Public Use Airports – Why the FAA Fails to Ensure Air Safety

The explosion of wind turbine developments across the United States does not bode well for the continued viability of many public use airports. Overview of the Problem Increasingly, wind farms with wind turbine generators (WTGs) nearly 500 feet above ground level...

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