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For 35 years Alan Armstrong has been practicing aviation law in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Armstrong has written over one hundred articles on aviation law published in professional journals and periodicals. He is AV rated and listed in the Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers.

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Airman Enforcement and Certificate Actions

Litigation before the National Transportation Safety and appeals to the United States Circuit Courts of Appeal of revocation and suspension actions taken against airmen by the Federal Aviation Administration.
Examples include: pilot deviations, allegations of falsified records or applications for airman certificates, allegations of falsified aircraft maintenance records, allegations of low flying over congested areas, allegations of flying unairworthy aircraft, allegations of flying in instrument meteorological conditions without an IFR flight plan, aircraft crashes following fuel exhaustion/starvation, declarations of emergencies created by improper/deficient pre-flight planning, FAA requests for a re-examination of the airman’s qualifications, allegations of counterfeit aircraft parts, and the host of other situations that may result in the FAA issuing an order suspending/revoking an airman’s certificate

Aircraft Acquisitions or Sales

Drafting and negotiating aircraft purchase agreements with consideration given to sales and use tax implications of the transaction, 1031 tax free exchanges, taking delivery of the aircraft in fly away jurisdictions, sale for resale exemption certificates, ensuring that airworthiness discrepancies discovered in a pre-purchase inspection are corrected before closing, and the host of other issues that are presented in aircraft sales and purchases.

Air Crash Litigation

Prosecuting claims for injuries and wrongful death arising out of air crash litigation whether in a general aviation aircraft or air carrier aircraft. Actions against air carriers may be either for domestic air crashes or proceedings under the Warsaw Convention for injuries or death occurring on an international flight. Have been involved in litigation of actions arising out of crashes in Argentina, Canada and Australia. Considerable experience in pursuing claims of product liability against aircraft/component manufacturers. Litigation against FAA certified repair stations for improper repairs resulting in post maintenance crashes.

Structuring Aircraft Flight Departments

Involved in structuring operations of aircraft (particularly turbine aircraft) to avoid pitfalls presented by FAA claims of illegal air taxi operations. Extensive experience in structuring time share, interchange, joint ownership and aircraft lease agreements.

Claims Against Operators of Public Use Airports

Ninety percent of the funds employed in developing, maintaining or repairing public use airports typically are provided by the FAA, with the airport owner/sponsor agreeing to honor FAA Sponsor Grant Assurances. These Sponsor Grant Assurances contain a considerable number of obligations including prohibitions against economic discrimination, prohibitions against fixed base operator enjoying the exclusive right to provide services at the airport, requirements that fixed base operators on the airport pay the same rates and charges, requirements that the airport be maintained suitably by the sponsor, requirements that the sponsor not divest itself of the rights and powers necessary to manage and maintain the airport, and requirements that the sponsor maintain a current Airport Layout Plan. Extensive experience in both Part 16 formal complaints and Part 13 informal complaints to address violations of the FAA Sponsor Grant Assurances. For example, successfully obtained a decision from the FAA to lift the jet ban at Lantana Air Park (KLNA) that had been in force for over 40 years.

"If we could only find some way to have them [the Chinese] drop some bombs on Tokyo."
Secretary of State Cordell Hull in conversation with Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, Jr.

December 10, 1940

An Airman’s Manifesto and Petition That Airmen Certification and Enforcement Cases be Litigated in Federal District Court

As certificated airmen, we hold these facts and conclusions that follow to be self-evident: An airman’s certificate is a property or liberty interest that cannot be suspended or revoked without affording the airman due process of law including notice and an...

Staring into the Jaws of Defeat: Litigation Before The National Transportation Safety Board

You will hear these conversations in hushed tones outside courtrooms or over lunch during a break, “Why did the judge make that ruling?”  “How can the FAA call expert witnesses that were undisclosed?”  It is no secret among legal practitioners who appear before the...

Four Ship Formation Flight, Saturday, Dec. 16, 2017

Although all the aircraft are not visible in the video, this was a four ship formation training flight that took place on Saturday, December 16, 2017. All formation qualified pilots must accomplish formation flights in a flight of at least four aircraft periodically...

An Airman’s Survival Guide to FAA Drug Testing

Drug testing is the bane of pilots and mechanics. According to 14 C.F.R. §120.107, “Each employer shall test each employee who performs a safety-sensitive function for evidence of Marijuana, Cocaine, Opiates, Phencyclidine (PCP), and Amphetamines during each test...

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