Barber’s Point Naval Air Station – and its place in Aviation History

Barber’s Point Naval Air Station is an iconic military airfield complete with massive hangars, long runways and a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean in the background.  In short, it is a national treasure.  Unfortunately, the airfield and many of the aircraft on...

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The Flying Tigers and Guerrilla Air Warfare in China

The activities of Claire Chennault and his Flying Tiger pilots in China is a remarkable study in the ability of a smaller force to keep a vastly larger force at bay using the elements of surprise and superior combat tactics to offset the sheer numbers and weight of the Japanese Air Force in China. The air war in China was anything but orthodox. It was a maverick or guerilla air war flown by American pilots under the leadership of an American commander who had gone rogue.

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Interview on CNN TV about flight diverted with unaccompanied minors on board

On August 9th, 2018, Alan Armstrong, pilot and aviation lawyer, was interviewed by Brooke Baldwin of CNN on August 9, 2018, regarding Frontier Flight No. 1756 that was to have landed in Orlando but diverted to Atlanta and the lack of communication between the airline and the parents of unaccompanied minor children aboard the flight

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