Aviation is extremely complex from both a regulatory and operational perspective and it is constantly changing. Interpretations of the regulations change as do the regulations themselves. Alan Armstrong follows changes in the aviation regulations and writes about them in Flightwatch, a blog/newsletter. He also provides commentary and analysis in the wake of aviation accidents and incidents. 

Structuring Flight Operations of Jet Aircraft

Structuring the operations of expensive aircraft operated by well-endowed corporations is an activity associated with hazards. Engaging in this work requires a thorough understanding of the Federal Aviation Regulations, FAA Advisory Circulars, pertinent exemptions, and case law. In this article, we will examine this complex and confusing area of the law. The basic questions are who or what exercises “operational control” over the flights of the aircraft, and do those operations require the operator to possess an air carrier certificate issued under Federal Aviation Regulations Part 135?

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Palm Beach requests stay on jet ban decision at Lantana Airport

On May 3, 2021, Palm Beach County (“PBC”) submitted a letter to the FAA Director of Airports requesting a stay of the FAA’s Final Agency Decision (“FAD”) requiring PBC to permit jets to operate at the Lantana Airport (KLNA). Three days after the FAA Final Agency Decision, PBC filed a Petition for Review with the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.

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How Not To Purchase An Airplane – Reaping The Whirlwind For Negligence And Inattentiveness

In this article we will examine some of the mistakes I have seen made by pilots and aircraft owners over the years. Hopefully, you can learn from their mistakes and not duplicate them. The topics outlined below are not an exhaustive list of the problems my clients have encountered, but they will give you an appreciation for some of the pitfalls associated with the purchase of an aircraft.

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